Captain Mike Henry &

Captain Rick Brandelli

Mike & Rick have been with Los Angeles County Fire for 30 years,. They created Firefighters Downin response to seeing their fellow firefighters lives altered after traumatic accidents and illnesses, The spark being the suicide death of their friend Fire Captain Rick Mc Clung.


Dr. Stephen Johnson

Director of Therapy

Therapy Dr. Johnson is chief designer and manager of the FFD therapeutic program. Customizing each session to meet the specific needs of the injured Firefighters we serve. Stephen J. Johnson, Ph.D., holds three advanced degrees and was awarded a Fellowship in Rehabilitation Psychology from the University of Southern California. He has been a licensed psychotherapist, consultant, and educator for over 40 years

He is the founder and director of the Men’s Center of Los Angeles, formed in 1988 and has conducted workshops and retreats for men and women for over 30 years.

FireFighters Down

Firefighter’s Down: is a “Wounded Warriors” style program, for Firefighters & their families. Designed by seasoned Firefighters and therapeutic industry leaders, to shift the negative psychological effects of fire-ground injuries and the extreme traumatic accidents/incidents seen by firefighters to positive behaviors that enrich firefighter’s lives & families.

Mission: The success of Firefighters families is our focus. To deliver therapeutic healing processes, a “Tool Kit” that support firefighters to have successful home lives (partner interactions) after injures, illnesses and the normal accumulation/demands of rescue operations.

Firefighters Wives/Husbands: The true victims of Firefighter injuries, job related stress and the cumulative effects of this profession are the wives and husbands. The lack of focus on family and relationship dynamics leaves firefighters partners in the cold.

Why is FFD Here

8-Firefighters are injured Every Day

30,000 are injured on the Fire ground annually.

30% PTSD rate among our ranks.

43 firefighter suicides in 2018.

Firefighters are 14 percent more likely to die from cancer.