The Sacred Path Men’s Retreat


The Sacred Path

The retreat facility is located north of Malibu in a unique facility on a coastal ridge 750 feet above sea level.

The Sacred Path Men’s Retreat is a 4 day experience set in a supportive environment where you can connect with your authentic self within a context of honor, acceptance and understanding

Food and lodging are provided. An enriching experience is promised, an adventure of self discovery guaranteed. 


The Learning

How to improve relationships or dissolve them with dignity

Learn to deal with anger effectively

Discover more effective ways of parenting by engaging with your children

The Father Gap - Attend to the wound that never seems to heal

How to sustain youthfulness while becoming an Elder rather than just an Older

Expand your awareness and raise your consciousness with mindfulness training


Daily Schedule

  • Native American Ceremonies

  • Re-birthing Breath work

  • Large Group Community Gatherings

  • Intimate Tribe Meetings

  • Recovery Meetings 

  • Movement, Yoga, QiGong & Meditation

  • The Passion of the Drums

  • Mythopoetic story telling