Fire Wives Retreat


The Heart

The Firefighters wife's retreat is a peaceful and supportive setting where our wives can express there shared experience.

Critical practices that address their husbands transitioning to and from the fire station back into the home environment.

Non Violent Communication and relationship tools specifically for the Firefighter families success.

The fire families success is a direct reflection of his on the job success



•Group Shared Experience

•Non Violent Communication, 

•Transition tools

•Eco Therapy

•Mindfulness Meditation

•Native American Wisdom

•PTSD & STSD Unmasked

•Love in Action Techniques

New friends, a support system with common therapeutic practices and the Firefighters Down follow-up programs supporting future success.


Daily Schedule

Cost:  All Lodging, Retreat Tuition, Meals and travel  expenses paid through Firefighters Down

Retreat Location:

•Benedict Canyon, Beverly Hills, California.

Lodging: Sportsman lodges

  Time: Two day - 9am to 7pm

New Retreats

  • Big Bear Wives Retreat

  • Palomar Mountain Fire Wives Retreat

Space is limited and travel accommodations require early registration.