Firefighters Evolving Bridge

Tiered Peer-2-Peer Training Method


Our program leaves the Peer Trainer with internal & external Thoughts, Responses, Communication Skills and the Trust use them. (TRCT)

Evolution of achievement

The evolving aspects of the Tiered Peer program were designed to evolve the Fire services existing culture to the deal with modern society cultural norms and its pressures that dominate the communities firefighters serve and the families they raise.


Preparing the mind to accept new data one must create a knowledge box where new seeds of information can germinate. Selected readings create the key mental files to store and understand our new methods.


How Firefighters communicate at every level will enhance or deteriorate their crew and families.

Non-Violent communication training by Marshal Rosenberg, is the foundation on which the exchange of information must evolve from.


The Fire Service has a “Higher Calling” sewn into the very fabric of its culture. The work that Firefighters perform is respected due to the beauty “People Helping People”. The growth of PTSD and other mental stresses will fade when the spirit of what it means to help your fellow American is put in its proper light.



The firefighter family has different values, rules, task, communication patterns, accepted behavior and beliefs very different from their family structure. The firefighters inability to transition into the family environment can cause marital and family issues development

Our peer training system is circular, connecting the firefighter’s personal success with the professional excellence required to meet the demands of both today’s modern Fire Service and society.