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About Our Retreat



This retreat allows you to take a vacation from your daily life and re-discover your authentic self. You will be able to open up to new possibilities and experience a community like never before. These 4 days in beautiful Malibu, CA offer a valuable, life-changing opportunity of mental, physical, and spiritual healing.

This retreat is a rare opportunity to spend time in the presence of good men and open yourself up to the possibility of spiritual change. Each man has been called to be in Malibu together, to get in touch with his inner self, and to see the world in a different way.

This retreat could very well change your life.


About Dr. Johnson


Dr. Stephen Johnson is a gifted therapist, author and a master facilitator for the experiential journey that unfolds during his counseling sessions and workshops. He is a skilled, and seasoned psychotherapist who has the sensibilities of a wisdom teacher. Dr. Johnson is able to provide a safe space for freedom of expression in accessing one’s pain while fostering transformation, personal expansion and spiritual growth. 


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