Mindfulness in Nature Retreat

Mindfulness in Nature Retreat


Beverly Hills Benedict Canyon on 17 acres, Firefighters Down in partnership with InsightLA. 


Our Two Day (9am-7pm) Retreat goal is to save our precious families and marriages.

  • The lowering of Firefighters Three Times the General population Divorce rate.

  • Combating the increasing suicide/depression rates

  • Responding to Firefighters suffering from PTSD

  • Dissipating the cumulative effects of the Day to Day pressures and stresses on Firefighters and their Families 

Retreat guest receive Tools & Practices to transform:

  1. The Day to Day Pressures of being a Firefighter.

  2. The stresses arising from on the job injuries.

  3. The struggles of Life after retirement.

  4. The accumulation of Traumatic rescues on themselves and loved ones.

A healing at the soul level, daily practices that enrich themselves and their families are our gifts.

Mindfulness training

Therapeutic practices

Native American wisdom

Natures healers: The Horse, Red Tail hawks, Native American Drumming & Wolves.  


Mindfulness in Nature include meals, transportation, accommodations and therapeutic service at no cost to participating firefighters. 



Retreat Partners

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